At the first biohacking retreat on Sylt we can learn in two days how to develop our full genetic potential. Co-organizer Moritz Klatten reveals in an interview what exactly is behind the biohacking trend.

What can participants expect from the first biohacking retreat on Sylt?

The event is intended to provide an inspiring and motivating introduction to the topic of physical and mental self-optimization. What is particularly important to me and my co-organizer Nico Airone is to offer all participants a good mix of theory and practice. The theory part is about, among other things, a diet tailored to people's individual needs. And the practical part is all about experiencing things specifically - for example by learning special breathing and meditation techniques or by taking ice baths.

Ice bathing? Just hearing the word makes my teeth chatter...

Oh, it's not that bad if you try it out under professional guidance. (laughs) And the positive effects are really impressive. On the one hand, metabolism and fat burning are boosted - and on the other hand, your own immune system is enormously strengthened.

Can you confirm this from your own experience?

And whether! I haven't been sick once in the past nine years. Still questions? (laughs)

What exactly does the word biohacking mean?
In German, this loosely translates to something like trying to get the best out of your body and mind and thereby develop your full genetic potential.

What age group is the biohacking event intended for?

In principle, everyone between the ages of 12 and 80 can take part; It would definitely make sense to get confirmation from your family doctor beforehand that there are no health restrictions. Then, for example, ice bathing is no problem for participants aged 60 plus. In my opinion, it is never too late to address the issue of self-optimization and start making the right adjustments.

What is the maximum number of participants?

There won't be more than 45. Because it's important that there is enough time for me and the other seminar leaders to be able to respond to people's individual questions.

As a fitness and nutrition expert, what do you think of the ultimate sports programs and miracle diets that can often be found online?

Very little! There is no secret recipe for fitness and vitality that can be applied to all of us, because we humans are far too different for that based on our genetic requirements alone. That's why there are people who don't eat optimally and hardly do any exercise, but still look extremely fit and young well into their old age. Especially on the topic of nutrition, we have a top guest speaker, Nils Schulz-Ruhtenberg (specialist in general medicine, nutritional medicine and sports medicine), who will talk about this topic in detail.

What is the most important insight about exercise and nutrition that you have gained over the years?

That it is incredibly important to respond to people's individual needs, bodies and requirements. To find the sport and diet that really suits you so that you stick with it. What and how you specifically train is also an essential factor for success. In my opinion, for example, prolonged aerobic training is overrated.

Interesting! And why that?

In the past, as Stone Age people, we didn't run after a rabbit for two hours, but rather, if we were lucky, we killed it with a stone after a short sprint. Anyone who jogs many kilometers every day may be slim, but they usually look older. Because long running causes adrenaline and cortisol levels to rise, while testosterone and growth hormones decrease. This means stress for the entire organism.

What would be the better alternative?

Interval training. This is the best for heart health, metabolism, blood pressure or blood lipids due to the maximum oxygen uptake. That's why sprinters look so much fitter and more energetic than long-distance runners.

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