Our most powerful refrigeration unit

Arctic Cool Plus

With its cooling capacity of 6325 watts, the Arctic Cool Plus can cool up to three pools simultaneously.

Product details

Arctic Cool Plus

The Arctic Cool Plus can cool the water down to +3 degrees Celsius. The cooling device can cool the water by
5 degrees per hour. The Arctic
Tub Plus can also be connected to up to three cooling pools at the same time, which is particularly advantageous for clubs and teams.

Technical data

The cooling unit weighs approx. 43 kg. It has a 230V
connection with 6325 watts cooling capacity, maximum power consumption 1850 watts.

App control

Our chillers can be conveniently controlled anywhere via app from
. This makes it possible to set the cold pool to the desired temperature while on the move
and enjoy the cold bath at
when you arrive home. Routines can also be easily set
so that the cold bath can run on the desired days in the
week from a desired start time to an end time.
This makes it possible, for example, to get into the
cold bath at the desired temperature immediately after getting up.

Ozone water purification

All our cooling units are equipped with an ozonator, which helps to disinfect the water.


The water is additionally purified by a cartridge filter. This means you always have hygienic and crystal-clear water.

Scope of delivery

- 1x Arctic Cool Plus cooling unit

- 2x connecting hoses


Shipment is carried out by a forwarding agent

Package size

55cm x 47cm x 78cm

Weight: 56 kg

Device size

Body size

Refrigeration unit: 72cm x 40cm x 50cm