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Ice bathing fun with Arctic Tub in frosty conditions

As soon as the thermometer reaches the frost line, the Arctic Cool should be disconnected from the water circuit and completely drained of water. Otherwise, frost damage will occur and...

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Arctic Tub at the biohacking retreat on Sylt

At the first biohacking retreat on Sylt we can learn in two days how to develop our full genetic potential. Co-organizer Moritz Klatten reveals in an interview what exactly is...

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Arctic Tub at the 2023 ATP Challenger tournament

The new Polar Bear Tub fiberglass ice pool from Arctic Tub was used with enthusiasm by players at the ATP Challenger tennis tournament in Troisdorf. The player Nicole Rivkin lasted...

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Ice bathing - The new beauty trend for 2022

Hollywood stars are already using the latest beauty hack - ice bathing. Lymphatic circulation and the burning of fatty tissue are strongly stimulated by a cold bath to generate heat...

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