Ice bathing - The new beauty trend for 2022

Hollywood stars are already using the latest beauty hack - ice bathing. Lymphatic circulation and the burning of fatty tissue are strongly stimulated by a cold bath to generate heat energy. While bathing in ice water, you should try to breathe as evenly as possible so that enough oxygen molecules get into the blood, thanks to which carbohydrate combustion is accelerated. Cold baths extremely activate fat burning and lead to the transformation of white fatty tissue into brown fatty tissue, which quickly converts calories into direct heat. Unfortunately, the dark tissue can disappear quickly, which is why you should take an ice bath about 3 times a week. Slim, toned legs are the reward for these refreshing bathing sessions. The cold also counteracts swelling and redness of the skin and has a skin-tightening effect. Even Lady Gagga enjoys the benefits of ice bathing. The cold water gets the blood circulation going and the circulation really gets going, a fitness training for the cardiovascular system and the veins. After a short morning stay in the cold pool, the energy boost is sure. At low temperatures, the body releases endorphins, adrenaline and anti-inflammatory corticoids . That's not all, the lymphatic system is also stimulated and strengthens the immune system . Many ice bathers can only smile about colds because they are no longer affected. Healthy, full of energy and fewer pounds, who can say no to that? Definitely a trend that is now also taking hold in Europe.

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