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Polar Bear Tub

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Product description

Fiberglass cold pool

Our fixed cold tub is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a refreshing ice bath. The Polar Bear Tub is made of robust, durable fiberglass and keeps the water at the desired temperature for a long time thanks to 5 cm thick thermal insulation and a lid. This contributes to good energy efficiency. Despite the compact size of the Polar Bear Tub, it also offers enough space for tall people. There is an approx. 20 cm high seat inside the tub. A removable step on the outside of the cold tub makes it easy to get into the tub.

Weight of the basin
  • Weight of basin: 60 kg
  • Weight of steps: 5 kg
  • Weight lid: 10 kg

Product information

  • 1x Polar Bear Tub fiberglass pool
  • 1x step
  • 1x lid
  • 2x stopcocks

Shipment is carried out by a forwarding agent.

Package size

140 cm x 91 cm x 120 cm


Polar Bear Tub in use

How to use the Polar Bear Tub


Top insulation

The strong insulation of the Polar Bear Tub ensures that the water heats up only slightly, even at high outside temperatures.

Perfect sitting position

The step inside ensures that you can sit down comfortably and immerse yourself up to your neck to enjoy a perfect ice bath.

Easy entry and exit

The step on the inside and the step on the outside make it easy to get in and out.

Also for tall people

The Polar Bear Tub is designed in such a way that even people over 1.90 m have enough space to dive in up to their necks.