What makes cold therapy so healthy

Cold for the body

Cold as a rhythm generator

Cold is an important rhythm generator for day and night. Not only light, but also temperature stimuli are transmitted directly to the hypothalamus, the center of our brain. This is where organs, metabolism, water balance and blood pressure are controlled. What is cold therapy all about?

Lose weight through cold

The cold converts "bad" white storage fat into "good" brown fat. This brown adipose tissue burns calories by producing heat - fueled by cold. Regular cold bathing can therefore reduce the percentage of body fat .

Against inflammation

Cold is one of the most excellent therapies for reducing inflammation with the fewest side effects.

Cold therapy can provide relief for chronic inflammatory joint diseases and spinal disorders. It also optimizes hormone production, activates the immune system, improves sleep and trains the autonomic nervous system.

How cold helps to build muscle mass and lose body fat

Sport for every muscle

The sessions should be kept shorter at the beginning and can be increased slowly. Exercise in cold water is not advisable when cold bathing, as this would simply be too much effort for the cardiovascular system. Lying or standing in the water is therefore completely sufficient. Even without conscious movement, the muscles start to tremble at some point and the body tries to generate heat. It burns glycogen, similar to sport:

Cold is like exercise for every muscle, including the heart muscle, only without the release of free radicals.

Firmer skin

The skin becomes firmer and smoother and even the connective tissue dents on the buttocks and legs (cellulite), which women hate, are reduced or even disappear completely.