Arctic Tub

Arctic Tub complete set

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Color: Polar Fox Tub
Color basin: Gray
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Product description

Arctic Tub cooling system

The Arctic Tub can cool the water down to +3 degrees Celsius. The cooling device manages to cool the water by around 3 degrees Celsius per hour. The tub is very compact, but offers enough space to immerse yourself completely up to your neck. The connecting hoses are simply connected to the basin and the device.

App control

Our chillers can be conveniently controlled from anywhere using an app. This makes it possible to set the cold pool to the desired temperature while on the move and enjoy the cold bath when you get home. Routines can also be easily set, so the cold bath can run on the desired days of the week from a desired start time to an end time. This makes it possible, for example, to enter the cold bath at the desired temperature immediately after getting up.

Ozone water purification

All our cooling units are equipped with an ozonator, which helps to disinfect the water.


The water is additionally purified using a cartridge filter. This means you always have hygienic and crystal-clear water.

Inflatable pool with matching backpack

The pool is quick and easy to inflate using the pump supplied and can be folded up and stored in a rucksack for even greater mobility. It has two connections for the connecting hoses so that the water can circulate. The self-closing high-pressure valve makes inflation simple and uncomplicated.

Technical data

The dimensions of the basin are approx. 65cm x 60cm x 125cm (W/H/D), the dimensions of the cooling unit are 27cm/58cm/37cm. The cooling unit weighs approx. 31 kg. It has a 230V connection with 1850 watts cooling capacity and the maximum power consumption is 730 watts.

Color basin: Gray

Product information

  • 1x Arctic Tub refrigeration unit
  • 1x Polar Fox Tub inflatable pool
  • 2x connecting hoses
  • 1x air pump
  • 1x backpack for Polar Fox Tub

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Package sizes

Refrigeration machine: 46cm x 39cm x 65cm

Inflatable basin: 68cm x 39 cm x 38cm

Body size

Arctic Cool:

59cm x 40cm x 31cm

Polar Fox Tub:

65cm x 60cm x 125cm (W/H/D)