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Arctic Tub

Arctic Polar Bear complete set

Arctic Polar Bear complete set

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The Arctic Polar Bear complete set consists of the Arctic Cool cooling device and the Polar Bear Tub cold pool.

Arctic Cool

The Arctic Cool can cool the water down to +3 degrees Celsius; the cooling device can cool the water by around 3 degrees Celsius per hour.

Technical data

The refrigerator weighs approx. 31 kg. It has a 230V connection with 1800W cooling capacity, maximum power consumption 730W.

App control

Our refrigeration machines can be conveniently controlled from anywhere using an app. This makes it possible to set the cold pool to the desired temperature while on the go and enjoy the cold bath when you arrive home. Routines can also be easily set, so the cold bath can run from a desired start time to an end time on the desired days of the week. This makes it possible, for example, to climb into the cold bath at the desired temperature immediately after getting up.

Ozone water purification

All of our refrigerators are equipped with an ozonator, which helps disinfect the water.


The water is also cleaned using a cartridge filter. So you always have hygienic and crystal clear water.

Fiberglass cold pool

Our fixed cold pool is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a refreshing ice bath. The Polar Bear Tub is made of robust, durable fiberglass and keeps the water at the desired temperature for a long time thanks to 5 cm thick thermal insulation and a lid. This contributes to good energy efficiency. Despite the compactness of the Polar Bear Tub, it also offers enough space for tall people. Inside the pool there is an approx. 20 cm high seat. A removable step on the outside of the cold pool ensures easy entry into the pool.

scope of delivery

- 1x Arctic Cool cooling device

- 1x Polar Bear Tub fiberglass pool

- 2x connecting hoses

- 1x lid Polar Bear Tub

- 2x stopcocks


Package sizes

Chiller: 46cm x 39cm x 65cm

Fiberglass pool: 138cm x 90cm x 119cm

Shipping is done by a freight forwarder.

Technical data

The pool is one meter high and 122 centimeters long. With the step it has a length of 145 centimeters and the width is 73.5 centimeters at the widest point without the lid or 76 centimeters with the lid. The dimensions of the
Refrigeration device is 27cm/58cm/37cm. The refrigerator weighs approx. 31 kg. It has a 230V connection with 1800 watts of cooling power, maximum
Power consumption 730 watts.

Device size

Construction size

Chiller: 59cm x 40cm x 31cm

Polar Bear Tub:

  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 76cm/96cm/122cm
  • Dimensions with step: 76cm/96cm/146cm
  • Dimensions: 45cm/47cm/36cm

Width without lid is 73.5 centimeters.


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What is particularly important to us about our products is the quality and ease of use. With our products, we want to make cold baths cost-effective for professional athletes, amateur athletes, cold enthusiasts and anyone else who would like to enjoy the benefits of regular ice bathing.

  • Health and well-being

    Our cold pools are ideal for all people without medical restrictions to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and pain and have more energy.

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    Thanks to the small dimensions of the cooling device and the inflatable basin, transporting it is quick and easy. Ice bathing is also possible in training camps, on vacation and anywhere else where there is a power outlet.

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